Welcome to Bridge Village Hall

Where is the hall?

28 High Street

Please note that access to the Hunter Room is from the rear of the hall, via a path leading to Union Road.

The Village Hall viewed from the High Street

Current users of the hall

PlaygroupEvery day
PilatesMonday & Thursday


MonthlyOther users
WIArt exhibition
Fish SchemeParties
History SocietyQuizzes
HorticultureJumble Sales
Parish CouncilWine & Wisdom
National Vegetable SocietyLocal Committees


To book the hall, please email bookings@BridgeVillageHall.org.uk
or contact Mark Esdale on (01227) 832740.

The hall costs £15.00 per hour, the Hunter Room is £12.00 per session. (Special rates are available for those living in Bridge village)

Click here for more booking information and to download Conditions of Hire, the Hirer's Checklist or a Booking Request Form

As an alternative for small meetings, there is also the Sports Pavilion on the recreation ground. £10 per hour. Contact pavilion@bridgevillage.org.uk


The hall has an entertainment licence and can accommodate up to 100 people

There is a kitchen area for reheating food, with a cooker, 'fridge and microwave.

There is full disabled access to the main hall and a disabled WC.

The floor in the main hall Inside has just been sanded and revarnished (It is no longer marked out for a badminton court).

Upstairs is the Hunter Room Hunter Room which is a convenient space for committee meetings. The Hunter Room access is via stairs, so is not suitable for wheelchairs.

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For further information about the hall, please contact: Mark Esdale

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